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1. " accuse him of things that he has never done..... that's most unfair" - Nelson Mandela (Former State President)

2. "You can't bribe British officials. But you can bribe foreigners." - Terry Crawford-Brown (Chairman, ECAAR-SA)

3. "Government failed to explain sucessfully (sic) to the public that there was nothing wrong with primary contracts in the arms deal". - Vusi Mona (Former City Press Editor)

4. "He was only MEC in Natal and there is no way in which he (Jacob Zuma) could have any influence in this negotiation." - Pierre Moynet (sic) (Thales - CEO)

5. "...i got the tail end of 1999,when i was appointed Deputy President, ...conclusions about who was the winning bidder, had been taken already." - Jacob Zuma (Deputy President)

6. "it's not easy for the media to resist manipulation..." - Sam Sole (Mail & Guardian - Vodacom Journalist of the year 2004)

7. "...the Sunday Times...was always given those leads. I find it very disturbing." - Barry Sergeant (Financial Journalist - Moneyweb)

8. "All these leaks that have happened were meant to start a trial against him (Zuma) in the media." - Pierre Moynet (sic) (Thale (sic) - CEO)

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1. True - if it was true.

2. False. True.

3. True, the Auditor-General did it for them.

4. False - he was deputy president of the ANC. The Arms Dealers were filling the political troughs throughout the 1994 to 1999 period.

5 False - he became deputy president in July 1999, five months be the contracts were signed on 3 December 1999.

6. A giant generalisation; can be true, can be false - depends on the medium.

7. False - the Sunday Times got tiny smatterings of herring, mostly red.

8. False - they were meant to get him a trial in the High Court - this succeeded.

Overall : 2 out of 8 = 25% - not a great grade.

But, let the games begin.