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1. Not one thing has been proved. It's all irresponsible speculation.", Nelson Mandela, Former President of SA

2. "The media in South Africa have crossed the line. They have a lot to answer for.", Elias Maluleke - Former City Press journalist

3. "... but the Scorpions continued investigating, knowing full well that what they were investigating, (sic) did not exist." Jacob Zuma - [former] Deputy President of South Africa

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1. False, quite a number of allegations have been proven - many beyond a reasonable and some overwhelmingly.

2. False, but it's rich coming from a City Press journalist.

3. False, bad punctuation - but quite a lot was proven to exist and that's just the tip of the volcano.

Overall : 0 out of 3 = 0% - not a good grade.

Let the games begin.