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In the Words of Schabir Shaik



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‘I can’t believe it. Boom, boom, boom; one, two, three. They didn’t uphold anything. The lawyers were wrong’ ­ Shaik on Monday November 6, on hearing his SCA appeal had failed

‘You f** kers again’ ­ To the media during the early stages of his corruption trail at the Durban High Court

See you on judgment day’ ­ At the close of his corruption case in the Durban High Court

‘This is not a man prone to live with Cartier watches and Armani perfumes and Hugo Boss suits’ ­ Shaik in evidence during his corruption trial as to why he paid Zuma’s bills

‘I grew up with a family of brothers that are highly qualified and I always believed I had missed that chance in life’ ­ Telling the court why he lied in his CV

‘I walk in the light of my Lord... of the view that I am innocent... until the day that I meet Him’ ­ After being found guilty by the Durban High Court in 2005

‘At approximately the end of 1996 or the beginning of 1997, Zuma confided in me that he had serious financial problems and that he was considering leaving politics. I was concerned that such a move may adversely affect the relative peace the province was experiencing and I implored him not to leave politics’ ­ Shaik on Zuma

‘Over the years, a close friendship had developed between Zuma and myself, as well as between our respective families’ ­ Explaining that payments to Zuma were made for the sake of friendship

‘I’m fine... I’m being hassled by Gestapo-type tactics, but I’m dealing with it. I’m a revolutionary and I’ll take on Mbeki and his boys’ ­ Shaik overheard on his phone outside his Morningside house after the raids at Zuma’s houses and at his home in August 2005

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