Publication: The Citizen Issued: Date: 2007-05-30 Reporter: Paul Kirk

Shamim Shamin Chippy Shaik Shaikh



The Citizen




Paul Kirk


The allegedly plagiarised PhD thesis of former Defence Acquisition chief, Shamim “Chippy” carries an incorrect spelling of Shaikh’s own name. This is one of many problems that Shaikh will have to explain away when he faces a tribunal that will decide whether or not to revoke his PhD.

The Citizen has possession of a copy of Shaikh’s ID book, which clearly shows his first name name is spelt with two m’s. However on the title page of Shaikh’s PhD thesis his name is spelt Shamin and not Shamim.

Over the weekend it was reported that Shaikh had decided to leave South Africa for Australia. Shaikh was quoted as saying he was despondent that nobody had appreciated his contribution to building the new South Africa, but had instead concentrated on his convicted fraudster brother who he had awarded million of Rands in contracts to.

Chippy is currently the subject of an investigation by the German authorities into allegations that he pocketed hundreds of million of Rands in bribes from German ship builders *1 who he awarded contracts to.

The former arms procurement boss was quoted as saying he wanted to build a new life for himself in Australia.

However it is uncertain whether the Australians will want him. Although Shaikh already has permission to take up residence in Australia, he obtained this partly thanks to his PhD thesis. Australia operates a points system whereby those wanting to move to the country are given points for their educational qualifications. A PhD is among the highest educational qualifications one can obtain.

Rebecca Barton, a spokesperson for the Australian High Commission, told the Citizen that she could not immediately comment on what may happen to Shaikh’s right to remain in Australia were the PhD revoked. She said she would need to consult with Canberra, the Australian capital, before making any statements.

A Durban lawyer who specializes in immigration cases said that it would be highly likely that Shaikh would be booted out of Australia were his educational qualifications to be found fraudulent.

With acknowledgements to Paul Kirk and The Citizen.

*1       Rule Number One - always follow the money.

And this amount of money seems worth following, although the Germans indicate that US$3 million (circa R21 million) was paid to Shamim Shamin Chippy Shaik Shaikh*2 and another US$22 million (circa R156 million) was paid to other beneficiaries in the country via Liberia.

*2      Brother of Yunis Yunus Shaik Shaikh