Shaik Trial Photo Gallery

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Shaik Trial

As Witnesses
The Judge
For the State
On the Defence
Dealmakers in the New South Africa 

The Verdict

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 As Witnesses

Witness List

biance_singh-capetimes20041019.jpg (11324 bytes)
Bianca Singh
Schabir Shaikh's former secretary
and later personal assistant

Marion Marais
Former secretary to Thomson-CSF
(now Thales) Southern Africa boss,
Alain Thetard
susan-delique_capetimes20041020.jpg (22635 bytes)
Susan Delique
Former secretary to Thomson-CSF 
(now Thales) Southern Africa boss,
Alain Thetard


johanvdwalt_siphongwema.jpg (9891 bytes)
Johan van der Walt
KPMG forensic auditor

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John Dover
Manager of Symbol SA, 
which had developed a hand-held scanner to read the license cards that his company hoped to sell to law enforcement agencies in SA.

john_lennon01.jpg (6613 bytes)
Prof John Lennon 
Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, interested in establishing eco-tourism schools in South Africa


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Celia Bester
Former Nkobi Accountant
gavin_woods02.jpg (8183 bytes)
Gavin Woods

Former chairman of Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)

patricia_delille.jpg (7536 bytes)
Patricia de Lille
Independent Democrats leader 

Judge Willem Heath
Former head of the Special Investigating Unit

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The Judge


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Judge Hilary Squires

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For the State


Billy Downer SC
State Prosecutor

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For the Defence


Schabir Shaik
Durban Businessman
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Brothers in Arms

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schabir_schaik04.JPG (13930 bytes)
Brother Schabir
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Brother Chippy
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Brother Mo
yunisshaik01.jpg (12775 bytes)
Brother Yunis

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Advocate Kessie Naidoo

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schabir_zuleika.jpg (7153 bytes)
Wife Zuleika





Benefactor and Beneficiary 

schabir_zuma_handshake.jpg (13185 bytes)
Golden Handshake

schabir_zuma_letter.jpg (19324 bytes)
Studying Either the Latest Encrypted Fax,
Bank Statement or Letter of Demand 

Deputy President Jacob Zuma
Shaikh and Thales

schabir_thales.jpg (23571 bytes)
At a Trade Exhibition

pierremoynot_thint.jpg (14721 bytes)
Pierre Moynot 
Director of Thint (Pty) Ltd,
CEO of ADS (Pty) Ltd

 Photos : acknowledgement to eTV
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Dealmakers in the New South Africa


Thomas Nkobi
Ex-ANC Treasurer

Tokyo Sexwale
Ex-ANC Leader

Cyril Ramaphosa
Ex-ANC Leader

Jayendra Naidoo
Former Trade Unionist

Nelson Mandela
Former President of South Africa

Thabo Mbeki
President of South Africa

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