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Penuell Maduna, Minister of Justice


Penuell Mpapa Maduna


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Penuell Maduna, was born in December 1952 in Johannesburg. His father died soon after Maduna was born. His grandmother was a card carrying member of the ANC thus at an early age Maduna was exposed to political issues.

Maduna, a Zulu speaker matriculated from the Eshowe Government Bantu School in Natal in 1972 with the aid of a bursary he enrolled at the University of Zululand as a law student. In his first year Maduna was elected chairperson of the interim committee which had the task of reviving the Saso branch structures, he remained chairperson until 1974.

On June 18th 1996 as part of a protest against the shooting of Soweto schoolchildren buildings at the university were set on fire. Maduna was arrested and detained from June 1976 until July 1997. He was tried under the Terrorism Act but was acquitted. Maduna was tried again for his ANC underground activities but was again acquitted in 1979.

In 1980 Maduna left the country for Swaziland with the assistance of the ANC. In 1983 maduna was arrested and deported from Swaziland along with other members of the ANC. He then worked for the ANC in Mozambique, Tanzania and Harare where he completed his LLB degree at the University of Zimbabwe.

While deployed at ANC headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia Maduna was founder member of the ANC's constitutional committee and as such was closely involved with the development of the ANC's constitutional guidelines from 1985 through the Harare Declaration in 1989, Codesa in 1991-92 and the negotiation process at the World Trade Centre in 1993. He also participated in virtually all the meetings the ANC had with white South Africans while the organisation was still banned. He was one of the first officials sent by the ANC to South Africa for talks about talks". He was a member of the ANC team at the Groote Schuur talks and at the DF Malan talks which reaffirmed the ANC's decision to suspend the armed struggle unilaterally.

He co-authored with Azhar Cachalia the Fundamental Rights in the New Constitution which was published in 1994. During the Codesa phase of the negotiations Maduna completed his master degree through the University of the Witwatersrand. Maduna is a member of the board of the Faculty of Law at the University of the Witwatersrand.

After the 1994 elections Maduna was appointed Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and in June 1996 was appointed Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs.

After the second democratic elections, June 1999, Penuell Maduma was appointed Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development.

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